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Allergy and General Paediatrics

Allergy is a common general paediatric condition affecting an estimated 800,000 children across Australia. General paediatricians are skilled in holistic care of the child and family which is the cornerstone of successful management of chronic allergic disease including food allergy, asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema. Often allergy is a co-morbidity to paediatric referrals and can impact significantly...

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APS Peak Body for Regional Australian Paediatric Allergy Care

The Australian Paediatric Society (APS) is the peak body for regional paediatric allergy care. The APS membership is responsible for the care of an estimated 300,000 Australian children with allergy. The diversity of practice location and resources has led to some innovative solutions to deliver equitable services to children with allergy in regional Australia. Regional Paediatricians are enthusiastic ...

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APS and Federal Government Inquiry into Allergy and Anaphylaxis

The APS recommended complete review of undergraduate and postgraduate medical training to incorporate allergy training and to provide resources for developing allergy skills as a special interest for potential rural paediatricians. supporting ASCIA recommendation for improved access to skin testing reagents for allergy diagnosis by clinical immunology/allergy specialists. APS enhanced the recommendation...

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