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APS Biannual Conference

Two important pillars of the APS are postgraduate education and collegiality.

After a hiatus in the meetings attached to the RACP annual Scientific meeting, a very successful APS General Paediatric meeting was organised by Cathy McAdam on the Ghan in 2013. Each delegate is expected to contribute 1 or 2 presentations. The quality of the meeting has been of the highest standard, reflecting the wealth of expertise in "real world" paediatrics among regional paediatricians.

Since then, members including Nigel Stewart, Jeff Prebble, Tim Warnock and Peter Goss have organised meetings in venues such as the Inside Passage (Canada/ Alaska), Lake Bled (Slovenia), Porto (Portugal) and Hawaii.

Details for next meeting in 2024 will be advised shortly.

Content updated 25 October 2023