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The Australian Paediatric Society contributes to the RACP Division of Paediatrics Policy Committee. 

Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into Diabetes - APS Submission Aug 2023

This submission is a genuine attempt by passionate, time-poor paediatricians who have provided unfunded deliberation on the issues, recommending interventionsthat, from extensive professional clinical experience, we consider are most likely to improve health outcomes for young people with T1D using Federal Government funds most effectively. The APS Diabetes Committee is the most active paediatric...

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Review of Disability Standards for Education 2005 September 2020

Submission to Review of Disability Standards for Education 2005:  The Australian Paediatric Society (APS) represents regional Australian child health. Regional paediatricians are very familiar with the issues of disability and schools. Regional paediatricians coordinate management of children with disability and their learning needs. Hence, they are frequently in contact with school staff,...

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Medicare Benefits Schedules Review Taskforce June 2019

Submission to MBS review:  The Australian Paediatric Society (APS) is a Special Society of the RACP representing rural child health and over 300 paediatricians working in rural and remote Australia. The Australian Paediatric Society notes the absence of any rural based specialist on the Taskforce. The Australian Paediatric Society appreciates the opportunity to review the MBS Review Taskforce...

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PreBudget submission for safe and legal administration of insulin in schools 2017

There is an urgent need to provide children with type 1 diabetes access to safe insulin administration at school, to ensure they have the same health and learning opportunities as other children. The development of a national online training program for school staff, supplemented by face to face training for selected staff responsible for administering insulin would provide the training and support...

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Previous Submissions

Funding Diabetes Care for Rural Children and Adolescents April 2010 Australian Rural Child Health Services – Senate Submission Paper. 2011 Global Warming June 2012 Adults in Children’s Wards June 2012 Prescribing of specialised infant formulae Aug 2012 Proposed cap on self education expenses June 2013

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