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Policy and Advocacy

The Australian Paediatric Society, as the regional advocate for child health services, has an important role in creating and implementing child and adolescent health policy.  The voice for young people and families in regional Australia is often not heard, leading to major inequities of service delivery.  

Regional paediatricians are "generalists" in the true sense, with experience across many aspects of child health. Regional paediatricians are there fore in a unique place to take a holistic view in policy development. An excellent example of this concept is a booklet, recently written for parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes based on the highest international care standards and Australian law. It aims to assist parents  navigate the difficulties and potential lack of support to adequately care for their child with a disability in the school environment, referencing the requirements of disability and discrimination legislation. This advocacy document, authored by the APS, has been recognised and endorsed internationally.

"A Parent Guide- International best practice Type 1 Diabetes care in Australian schools" can be downloaded at

The APS has representatation on the RACP Policy and Advocacy Committee. The APS welcomes collaboration with parent advocacy and support groups. Issues relating to child health policy can be raised with any of the APS Committee members to advocate to Government, RACP and other entities.